Introducing YouthVoiceON

We know youth use social media to voice their opinions on everything, from pop culture to politics to relationships. That’s why we’ve created YouthVoiceON.

For the first time in Canada, young people and government can have a direct, two-way conversation.

YouthVoiceON is the place where Ontario youth aged 15 to 29 can discuss the issues they are concerned about, from finding that first job to dealing with the justice system.

You can leave comments and questions on the website or through Twitter by mentioning @YouthVoiceON. Your thoughts and ideas will influence the creation and implementation of government policies that directly impact youth lives.

The site is also meant to hear people who work in the youth sector and care deeply about government policy — so please share and engage with us, as well.


How it Works

YouthVoiceON will regularly pose new questions to young people across Ontario and ask for their feedback. The question topics could be about anything, from housing for homeless youth to environmental issues.

Everyone who visits the site will be able to read the Tweets, comments and questions left by other youth and add to the conversation. Please don’t share any personal information as it will be removed.

After the conversation period closes, we will report back on the results on YouthVoiceON. We will also keep our visitors up-to-date on how their input has shaped government policy.


Why It’s Important We Hear From You

Young people — like you — have a right to participate in informing the decisions that affect them.

We know most young people want to be involved in decision-making and have a voice on issues that are important to them. And, most important, we know you have a lot to offer to make your community and Ontario even better!

Young people (particularly those who are at-risk and vulnerable) have unique needs and perspectives. That’s why it’s important they can share their voice to help shape policies, programs and services to meet their needs.

But we also recognize also there are individual and social factors that can limit young people’s participation — such as social inclusion, education, employment and lack of availability and accessibility to opportunities.

That’s why we created a more flexible mechanism for young people to have their say through YouthVoiceON.


Other Ways We’re Engaging with Youth

YouthVoiceON is just one of the ways we’re reaching out to young people across Ontario.

In 2013, Ontario created the first-ever Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities, which is made up of 25 young people from a variety of cultures, communities and backgrounds. Members give advice to various ministries on how to improve the delivery and design of government programs and services for youth, report on specific challenges and share ideas on how to best support youth.

Interested in joining the council, or asking them a question? Visit this page for more details on how to apply to the council, or drop them an email at

You can also ask us a question, or give your feedback on how we can improve this website at any time here on YouthVoiceON by sending an email to