How to educate!

I work in education. Speak in schools and have posters in schools to raise awareness. You have a huge audience in schools of kids who play sports too! Kids from 4 – 21 should be protected as I used to teach Figure Skating to moms and tots (age 4). School age is important too. I was a figure skater before concussion awareness and I am sure I have suffered a few in my day.

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All sports should be covered because you can get hurt during a game or just on the sidelines while watching your team mates. I think you could use an App on a cell phone to deliver the information about concussion safety. I think all kids up to age 20 should have to take the course before participating. Young children will need their parents to take the course and explain it to their kids. Use posters in schools and athletic facilities/radio ads,to inform the public about the new regulations

Concussions in all sports

Head injuries can happen in all sports in any way. This is why I think all sports and all age groups should be covered by Rowan’s law. It is important for all people involved in amateur sports in any way to be educated on the subject, so they know if there is a possible problem. At schools, I think in the wellness unit in health there should be talk about concussions, so kids are aware at a young age. For older people, they should have a talk at the beginning of the season about concussions.

Roles and Responsibilities in sports team

I think sports teams for sports that are physical should have dedicated trainers. Having a first aid certified coach is not enough. The trainer then is able to watch the players, observe hits, falls etc. And remove players from play if necessary. Coaches are coaching – and do not always see every play of the game. My kids play ringette and the trainer requirements are pretty lax. An in person course should be taken the 1st time to ensure content is delivered effectively & understood by coaches

Why Pick One?

After looking through the primary points of the new “law”, I’ve noticed a pattern of picking and choosing specific age group(s) and sports in which this law would be applicable to… but why is a choice even included in the conversation? It has already been stated that concussions are a danger to all and in no armature sport are you completely safe from the possibility of getting a concussion. And as far as “rules” being used to in pass times that may infringe on the fun of the sport, its Wrong.