Terms of Service

Code of Conduct:

We have a few guidelines to keep conversations @YouthVoiceON constructive and friendly. We reserve the right to remove or edit responses to questions that violate these guidelines.

The following Code of Conduct applies to the YouthVoiceON website and @YouthVoiceON Twitter page:

Do not post personal information
Other people can read your posts. For your own protection, do not post personal information like your address, telephone number or your email address.

Respect everyone
When everyone in the conversation is respectful, the discussion is more enjoyable and produces a better result. Please be polite and treat everyone with respect @YouthVoiceON. Personal attacks and any content that encourages expressions of violence, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia or hatred will be removed.

Keep it clean
Keep your posts free of profanity. We want everyone to feel comfortable reading or participating in the conversation @YouthVoiceON.

Be positive and focused on the solutions
We want to hear your ideas and thoughts on how we can help youth across Ontario.

No marketing
YouthVoiceON is not the place to market your business, sell your services or to promote a candidate for political office or a political party.

Don’t spam
We want to keep the conversation going. Repeated messages or off-topic posts disrupt the conversation. Posts that are off-topic, repeated in the same discussion, cross-posted in different discussions, or are otherwise incomprehensible will be removed.

Don’t break the law
Illegal content and negative behaviour will not be tolerated @YouthVoiceON. Don’t link or post any defamatory, copyrighted or pornographic material, and don’t engage in behaviours like bullying, harassment, impersonation, intimidation, or abuse. The ministry is not responsible for any use of material posted by participants.

Help us keep the discussion going
Please let us know if you read something posted @YouthVoiceON that is offensive, obscene or illegal, and we’ll take care of it as quickly as we can.

We encourage you to contact us at YouthVoice@ontario.ca, or DM @YouthVoiceON, if you become aware of users who violate the Code of Conduct rules, and:

  • Express racist, hateful, sexist, trans/homophobic, slanderous, insulting, intolerant or life-threatening messages;
  • Are aggressive, coarse, violent or pornographic in tone;
  • Are offensive to an individual or an organization, rude in tone, or otherwise abusive; and/or
  • Spam posts.

    Responding to Your Tweets and Comments:

    The YouthVoiceON team will read all Tweets and comments, but we cannot commit to replying to everyone on Twitter or the YouthVoiceON website.

    The views of participants tweeting or commenting @YouthVoiceON or the YouthVoiceON site do not necessarily represent the views of the Ontario Government.

    The YouthVoiceON team will respond to Tweets and comments during regular Government of Ontario business hours (Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). However, the team encourages conversation to continue outside of these hours.

    Monitoring Tweets and Comments:

    The key to @YouthVoiceON is communication. We want all participants to engage in open dialogue about the things that are important to Ontario’s youth. The different views being shared are a great opportunity for learning and building positive relationships.

    We understand disagreements will occur. Constructive arguments and thoughtful debate are always welcome @YouthVoiceON but comments that violate the Code of Conduct and the Terms of Service are not welcome. Any content that violates the Code of Conduct and the Terms of Service will be filtered and removed.

    For any activity (e.g. favouriting and/or retweeting inflammatory and/or discriminatory content) that causes emotional or psychological harm, the participant(s) will be warned, and the content removed and reported to Twitter. If participants continue to submit and/or support inappropriate content, they will be reported to Twitter.

    Remember it is the impact of the harmful content or activity that matters, not the intent of the person(s) who said or did it.

    The project team will monitor @YouthVoiceON and the YouthVoiceON site during regular Government of Ontario business hours (Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

    Government Employees:

    If you are an employee of the government or a related provincial agency, you are required to identify yourself as such whenever participating in a discussion @YouthVoiceON and the YouthVoiceON website.

    Terms of Use:

    Your use of @YouthVoiceON, the YouthVoiceON website and its content is at your own risk.

    The Ontario Government does not represent or warrant that the @YouthVoiceON Twitter page or the YouthVoiceON website will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that they are free of viruses or other harmful code.

    The Ontario Government and its employees, agents and independent contractors shall not be responsible or liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or other damages arising out of, or in any way arising out of, or in connection with the YouthVoiceON site and the @YouthVoiceON Twitter Page, including its content.

    How We Obtain Your Consent to Participate:

    By visiting the YouthVoiceON website, you will be asked to read and agree to a Notice of Collection, which explains the purpose of our engagement with you online on questions impacting youth policy and programs. You are also consenting to our collection and use of your response to questions, in order to help us build better youth policies and programs to meet your needs.

    A short version of the Notice of Collection will be posted on the bio and banner of the @YouthVoiceON Twitter page, as well as tweeted periodically.

    Your social media or anonymous response to youth policy questions on the @YouthVoiceON Twitter page and/or YouthVoiceON website are collected under the authority of s.38(2) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), R.S.O. 1990, c.F31 (as amended). We also adhere to the Government of Ontario Privacy Statement.

    Questions about the collection and use of your responses can be directed to YouthVoice@ontario.ca, or the YouthVoiceON Team at 56 Wellesley Street West, 15th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2S3, (416) 212-9882.

    To engage @YouthVoiceON, you will require a Twitter account. By engaging us on Twitter, you have already agreed to comply with Twitter’s existing Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    If you do not have a Twitter account, or do not want to engage us using Twitter, you can respond to questions anonymously on the YouthVoiceON website.

    Your consent to participate on the YouthVoiceON website or @YouthVoiceON Twitter page is ongoing: every time you respond to a question on Twitter, you are agreeing and complying with both the YouthVoiceON Terms of Service and the Twitter Terms of Service.

    How We Protect the Information You Share in Your Responses:

    The protection of your information is very important to us.

    First, we ask that you do not share any personal or identifying information with us. This includes your address, your phone number and your email. This type of information will not help us build better youth policies and programs.

    Second, when posting directly to our @YouthVoiceON Twitter page, you should be familiar with Twitter’s Terms of Service. The ministry will be monitoring the account, and will remove and report any Tweets that contain any personal or identifiable information.

    Third, Tweets showing up in the Social Media Conversation section will be moderated. Your Tweets will show up as content and media only. Your avatar and handle will be removed.

    Fourth, when posting anonymously through YouthVoiceON, the ministry will make every effort to find and remove any personal or identifying information that may have been provided in your responses before it is posted to the Site Conversation section. This means that we will be removing any information that could identify who you are.

    Remember, though, the YouthVoiceON site and @YouthVoiceON Twitter page are public spaces. This means everything you Tweet, retweet, post, favourite, share, etc. will be seen by anyone who visits the YouthVoiceON site and the @YouthVoiceON Twitter page. This includes your Twitter banner and biography.

    Feedback Analysis

    To help us build better youth policies and programs, your responses will be combined at the group level (i.e. aggregated). After being grouped, your responses will be analyzed for themes and semantics (e.g. positive, negative, neutral). This “aggregate analysis” will be shared only with the team in government that is working on the youth policy or program you shared your ideas and views on.

    For example, if you shared your ideas in response to a question about improving the use of technology in classrooms, the Ministry of Education would receive the “aggregate analysis.”

    Therefore, you should only use the YouthVoiceON website and @YouthVoiceON Twitter page to share information you are comfortable having others read – treat your Tweet as if everyone in Ontario will see it.

    How Your Responses Will Be Used:

    Depending on the type of question being asked, the impact of your feedback and responses will vary:

    • Issue Identification Question: Your responses will be used to build the evidence base for new policies or programs to address the issue identified.
    • Policy/Program Design Question: Your responses will be used to develop options for policy/program decision-making that better meet the needs of youth.
    • Policy/Program Implementation Question: This type of question and your responses will be used on a step-by-step (i.e. iterative) basis to ensure implementation targets and meets the needs of youth.
    • Policy/Program Evaluation Question: Your responses will be used to improve policies and programs for youth. Your responses may indicate that government should review a policy/program in order to better meet the needs of youth.

    The YouthVoiceON team will post the “aggregated analysis” when collection of responses is completed, with a summary of how your responses were used, where applicable on the YouthVoiceON website.

    Duty to Report:

    If we have reason to believe that your health or safety is threatened, and that you require protection, we are required by law (i.e. Child and Family Services Act) to make a report to a Children’s Aid Society.

    Two Laws We Have to Follow:

    Also under the Child and Family Service Act, we have to remove and report any posts that share information identifying yourself or anyone else as a person who is – or has been – involved in child protection proceedings.

    Similarly, under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, we have to remove and report any posts that share information identifying yourself or anyone else as a young person who is being – or has been – in conflict with the law.

    If you want to share ideas and views on issues related to youth justice or child and youth protection, use general terms that do not identify any particular individual, or response anonymously on the YouthVoiceON site.

    How to Stop Participating on YouthVoiceON:

    You may stop participating on YouthVoiceON at any time, for any reason.

    If you choose to stop using YouthVoiceON, and you do not want the responses you’ve shared to be used to help build better policies and programs that meet the needs of youth, please let us know in writing by sending an email to YouthVoice@ontario.ca or DM @YouthVoiceON. We will remove your responses on the YouthVoiceON site and any anonymous posts you may have submitted.

    As all responses posted on Twitter will be under your account, you can delete and remove any posts that you do not want YouthVoiceON to use.

    Note that it is beyond our capacity to remove all social media content that others may have shared (e.g. retweets).

    Who to Contact About YouthVoiceON:

    If you have any questions or concerns about YouthVoiceON, or would like some more information, send an email to YouthVoice@ontario.ca or DM @YouthVoiceON.